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Now after the robbery at Lufthansa things started to  clear up and everyone was fairly happy.
Now Henry was so far in he was pretty much a made member but could not be one for he was not 100% percent Italian.Anyway he was in a good position two daughters a wife and a secret girlfriend.But one night Henry and James were both sent to Florida by Paulie Vario to collect  money from some punk.So they went and that weekend ruffed up the guy until they had recieved the money they were sent for.Unfortunately the night after they arrived back from there job in florida that very weekend they were arrested for attemted murder.It turned out that the man they ruffed up had a sister who was a typist for the F.B.I and both Henry and Burke where sentenced up to 10 years both.Along with that Paulie Vario Sr was sentenced 2 years for contempt.
So they were all in jail and soon enough Henry found out that jail was not so bad for wiseguys like himself.They weren`t just thrown in an 8x10 jail cell.He was put in a room with multiple beds,a closed in restroom,a stove,and a cooler box which they stored goods that were snuck in such as wine,beef,lobster,steak.Life in prison wasn`t as bad as he thought  it  would be.
Now here is where Henry went wrong,he started to sell drugs such as yellow jackets and other multiple highs that were easy to smuggle into prison.This selling of narcotics was ok with Paulie because he understood that he had to provide for his family while he was in prison.Now after have living in prison for only half of his sentence he was released on grounds of good behavior and was put on parole.
When Henry was settling back into the life style he was living he was finally released from parole and began working with his contacts in Pittsburgh.Now previous to him being released from parole Paulie Vario Sr met up with Henry at the steak house on 42nd street New York  to ask him some very important questions.Henry said quote "I was worried if maybe Paulie had caught word of my cocaine deals in Pittsburgh."
Paulie after eating at the steak house had started to bring up the drug deals that Henry participated in while serving his sentence in prison and Henry said quote "While we were rounding the block to make our first stop at Paulies home Paulie looked at me and demanded I look at him and said "Henry,you did what you had to do but it ends here,ok no more selling like you did in prison,i don`t want to live the rest of my life in jail I don`t need that and left it at that."This is where Henry messes up.
Now how he messed up was he continued his many deals in Pittsburgh.He continued and the deals became so enormous that he needed help,so he called James and Tommy DeSimone to help with the transfers.
Then they became even bigger,he had everyone from Tommy and james to his babysitter participating in transfering the money and the narcotics to Pittsburgh.but on that fatal day Henry had started to become an addict to his own narcotics therefore making him sloppy and unkept about his work.
See Henry had recieved over 120,000 dollars worth of cocaine that at the time was a huge deal and lead up to being his last and unsuccesful deal.Everyone ended up sloppy from Henry`s stuff.And the night he was ready to take the baby sitter to the airport and send her off to Pittsburgh he was put under arrest for narcotics trade and sentenced to 25 years.But instead Henry convinced his wife Karen Hill to make her mother put up her house for his bail.That night he was bailed out and he said quote"I thought they were going to kill me that very night i walked out the front door of the prison."
The very next day,Henry came to Paulie to plead his case but was unsuccesful when Henry said quote "I knew it was to late when the first words came out of Paulies mouth"Henry,I took you under my wing and treated you like a son and this is how you repay me,by treatin me like a jerk,not again now I`m going to have ta turn my back on you."And that was the last Henry heard of Paulie Vario Sr. Not even a week later did Henry and Karen come to the F.B.I requesting to become part of the witness protection program.From then on Henry testified against Paulie Vario Sr,James Burke,and others.

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