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All about Henry Hill

Henry Hill as a kid!

Henry Hill as a kid!
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Henry today!
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Now this is where the story starts so just relax and enjoy!
   Bronx New York in the 1940`s was a huge mob hang out in that time era. You know the real mafioso like Lucchese, Capone, Gambino, real hotshots. Now in that time the mafia was real slick anybody who was anybody was in it.
Even kids,one kid in particular was a kid named Henry Hill.
   Henry claimed to want to be a gangster from the time he saw them at a young childhood age of twelve. Henry said quote " To be a wiseguy to me was better than being the president of the united states,to be a wiseguy was to own the world." Now when Henry got his first job at the cab stand near the pizzaria which was owned by mob capo Paulie Vario Sr,this is were Henry would soon start to work for the Lucchese Crime Family.
   Henry at age tweleve started working with Vario doing numerous things such as robbing assisting in hits(beatings) and so on.Henry said quote "At age twelve i was making more money than most of the grown ups in the area,i had lots and lots of money,more money than I could spend.''
   Henry continued working for Vario on for twelve years,then one day he met the man who would soon become his associate in everything from robbery to drugs. This man was named James"Jimmy the gent"Burke.
Now this man was loaded,Henry wanted to be just like Burke.
Then finaly he started to learn alot about him.
Like when Burke was at the age of fourteen he was already whacking people for mob bosses.Then Henry from experience said he learned real fast that James had a real passion for stealing, Henry said quote "If you offered James one billion dollars he would not except then turn around and find out how to steal it from you."This behavior towards stealing would soon lead to the biggest heist in american history!

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