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As most of you know I am a big fan of anything to do with the mafia so who woulda know that i was gonna make a website about the game MAFIA.
MAFIA is an action pact thriller where you get to experience the world of Lost Heaven in the 1930`s through the eyes of the main character Thomas"tommy"Angelo,and make your way from pitifull footsoldier to a powerful and respected mafioso.
I recently called the illusion softworks offices in New York to get a perspective of the game they produced,here is what Lead Programmer
Dan Dolezel told me."This is actually the most difficult game that I have had to produce,mostly because of the procedures such as real time acting and photographic immunization.The problem in the real time was the fact that the actors would move faster than the monitors would pick up making the characters a blur,all we had to do was slow down the acting and speed up the monitoring s.p.i.This would lead to being able to give the characters facial expressions such as smiles and so on." "Then there was the problem of photographic immunization,see this is a progam made to take a 2d picture and give it depth and tone to make it a 3d product.We just did not have enough pictures to make every building an individual structure,as many were repeated."

                               Note from EDITOR
           I am very excited about the up coming events in the gaming world,such as you might ask hmmm.....let me think.
GTA San Andreas duh! This game is not even out yet and has already hit da charts this is gonna be one kick ass game don`t you worry AND......... mob boss Salvatore Leone is supposed to return so that is something we should all be inticipating ya`ll I`m out,dis is J to da D peace!