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All about Mafia

Last but not least.....

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Last but not least.....

Tommy Angelo
main man in story

Tom`s the main character in the game. Originally a cab driver, but do to a combination of unpleasant circumstances he is forced to join the mafia. Tom is an all in all nice guy , but a tough childhood and life in the 1930`s have changed his moral values a little.

Don Salieri
Boss in the Story

The Boss of the family that Tommy works for . He`s a guy who has lived through alot and doesn`t get excited too easily . He`s a typical of a Mafioso who hadn`t built his position just for money and doesn` t always kill to get what he wants.

Associate of Tommy

Sam`s another associate of Tom`s. On first sight ,he just looks like a normal guy with a friendly smile. He`s big and sometimes clumsy . He`s also shy and hardly talks .

Tommy`s Best Friend

Tom` sidekick, an energetic and hot-tempered guy, who sometimes acts completely unexpected. If he likes someone he is there mast loyal friend you could have; if he doesn`t cause you problems that is. Tom and paulie are the best of friends and often enjoy working togethor


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Norman`s the typical example of a detective brought up through the school of hard knocks. He`s a scruffy, tough guy, who acts like he hates everyone around him. Tom tell him his story but doesn`t get much sympathy.