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All about Mafia

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Favorite Game
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The best, in my humble opinion...WTF

On this page, I'll discuss my favorite game. I'll include all the usual technical information (platform, release date, and so on) but I'll also talk about how I first started playing it and what I like best about the game.



Mafia is a 3d action crime epic set in the seedy underworld of the 1930`s. Rise from the lowly but well dressed footsoldier ,to an envied and feared Made Man in the era of mob hits,car chases, and bootlegging. Earn a reputation as a tough enforcer, darring getaway driver, and deadly hitman in your quest for respect and power within the Salieri Crime Family.
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Voice Overs

These are the names of the people that bring life to the characters of this game!

Mike Sorvino as Tommy Angelo

William Demeo as Paulie

George DiCenzo as Don Salieri

Matt Servito as Sam

Dan Grimaldi as Frank Conceletti

John Tormey as Vincenzo

Jeff Gurner as Ralph/Lucas Bertone

David O`Brian as Norman

Carla Buono as Sarah

John Doman as Don Morrelo

Paul Scannapieco as Luigi

Ray de Mattis as Yellow Pete  

Tips and so on..
There is only one bad thing about Mafia ,there are no cheats whats so ever, Lead programmer Dan Dolezel  said quote"Mafia is a game were it is dire that you use 103 % of your brain."Mafia is not exactly the easiest game but it can be if you think before you act making it more of a realistic feel to the gameplay of Mafia."